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Long-flame, low-flammability semi-anthracite (it is also called lean coal), low-caking, anthracite, long-flame gas ordinary - we can find coal of any brand.

Coal wholesale wagons

BUILTERRA CO LTD is a company where you can buy coal from a bag to a wagon. We guarantee the maximum calorific value of the coal supplied, the minimum values ​​of ash content, sulfur content and volatile matter. All products supplied by BUILTERRA CO LTD comply with accepted quality standards.


Qualitative Characteristics of Brown Coal

  • Moisture content from 23 to 35%

  • Ash content from 3 to 14%

  • Yield of Volatile Substances 44-47%

  • Fraction (0-300) (0-13) (0-50) (13-50) (25-50) (50-300)

  • Calorie content is not less than 3200-5100kcal/kg.


BUILTERRA CO LTD offers supplies of brown coal of various grades.

Brown coal can be used as an alternative and cheap fuel for boiler houses, thermal power plants, housing and communal services, as well as for heating private houses.

According to its technical indicators, it can replace in the application the more expensive grade D coal.

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