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Engineering services

Comprehensive engineering from our company includes the provision of the following services:

•             Execution of customer functions: collection of initial data and permits, development of a feasibility study, preparation of technical specifications for design work, performance of technical supervision functions, control over spending, acceptance of a capital construction facility into operation.

•             Organization of work production: execution of construction documentation, construction management at all stages of work.

•             Development of documentation for participation in tenders: comprehensive preliminary studies, development of conditions for the selection of applicants, expert evaluation of offers, consulting support and drafting a contract.

•             Consulting and expert services: representing the interests of the customer in the territorial bodies of the executive and administrative authorities, examination of the conformity of the quality of the work performed to the standards, execution of acceptance certificates.

•             Technical supervision and support: fulfillment of the obligations of the Customer and the Investor, organization of management of construction work or reconstruction, organization of quality control and operation of a capital construction facility.

•             Development of design and estimate documentation: development of contract documentation, examination of contracts, preparation of technical specifications, representation of the customer's interests in all instances.

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